Breville BES880BSS

Breville BES880BSS Barista touch espresso machine stainless steel Reviews – Taste the Professional Coffee-Making Routine at Home. Breville Espresso Machine bes880bss is said to be the best coffee maker 2022. That was quite a blunt statement from various reviews and websites. So, we decided to make our review to see whether BES880BSS is truly the best coffee maker with the best coffee maker ratings. After all, we love to start our day with a cup of coffee, especially with the third wave specialty coffee bean. Having a coffee maker at home that can give us a professional-taste coffee is not bad, right?

For that reason, we have checked this product and tried to find the reason why it has the best coffee maker rated status. We have checked its design, feature, and performance, plus another interesting aspect of this breville coffee maker espresso we want to share with you. For the appetizer, we can start from the design and appearance of the breville coffee machines BES880BSS series.

Breville BES880BSS

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Breville BES880BSS

The Professional Design 

Breville did a great job designing this coffee maker. The outer appearance is similar to the coffee maker that you can find in the coffee shop. However, the size is compact, which makes it suitable for your kitchen, any kitchen size. We can even call it the best coffee maker for campers. Of course, that would be difficult, as it is made for home-usage.

Our favorite part of the design is the control panel. It is all digitalized, except the power button. On the front part of this best coffee maker small, you can find an LCD. It is a touch screen that allows you to choose the mode or menu. It is easy to use and placed in the best place where you can read the entire menu inside without having any problems.

Appearance-wise, the stainless steel material that covers this best coffee maker french press creates a modern and sophisticated look. Moreover, we also love this kind of material, because it matches with the modern kitchen interior design. Plus, the stainless steel is also easy to clean, which is, maybe, another reason why BES880BSS got the status as rated best coffee maker with grinder.

The Features and Performance

What the best coffee maker should offer? The answer is features and performance. Features and performance make what the best coffee maker is. A coffee maker with a beautiful and expensive design won’t have any value without a good-quality and properly operated feature. Now, let’s see whether Breville Espresso Machine BES880BSS has what it takes to be the world’s best coffee maker.

The first feature we like about this product is the 4 Keys Formula. It is a combination coffee brewing method that can extract the true flavor of the third wave specialty coffee. Try it on this best coffee maker grind and brew, and you will taste one of the delicious cups of coffee in your life.

This best coffee maker that grinds and brews also has one of the best accuracies in processing the ingredients. You can use the high-precision dose control grinding with this coffee maker. Best of all, it only needs a single touch. This machine will do the rest for you. The result will be full of flavored beans.

It is only grinding. BES880BSS also has one of the best technologies to control water pressure and extraction for espresso mode. Therefore, it is not wrong to call it the best breville barista express espresso maker.

For water pressure, it uses the low-pressure pre-infusion method. Then, it gradually increases the pressure to extract the entire flavor and create a balanced and enjoyable coffee taste. For the espresso extraction, it uses the Digital Temperature Control method that ensures the optimal and accurate extraction process. In short, with one touch, this breville barista express espresso machine will give you the most delicious cup to energize your body and mind.

Speed is also another feature that we like about this machine. As the best coffee maker for taste, Breville uses a unique heating system called ThermoJet. This system adjusts the temperature of water and milk to the right temperature within 3 seconds. Speaking about milk, it also has an automatic microfoam milk texturing feature. This best coffee maker with espresso will help you with the barista-quality foam on your espresso. Enjoy it!

All features that we mentioned above are available on this coffee maker touch screen. It has icons and information you can easily recognize. There are 3 steps you can choose, grind, brew, and milk in this menu. Then, you also can adjust various aspects of your coffee-making process, from its strength to temperature.

After you are satisfied, you can save it, so you can use it another day if you want to make it again. This world’s best coffee maker will remake them exactly like what you did for the first time. This machine can save 8 pre-setting coffee-making processes.

Where to Buy

Are you interested in buying Breville Espresso Machines BES880BSS, the best coffee maker in the world? Where can you get this best coffee maker for a cheap deal? The answer to these questions is Amazon. This online store has various coffee maker models from Breville brands. BES880BSS is one of them.

We have compared the price of this model with other online stores. The result is obvious. Amazon offers the cheapest best coffee maker deal for the BES880BSS model. Moreover, other than the best coffee maker cheap deal, you also can find accessories and other models that are compatible with this product. So, don’t worry! You will get what you need at Amazon.


Those are everything that we found from the BES880BSS model. All features and performance that this model has, is very satisfying. Yes, we also found some of the flaws, but we think that won’t give any problem with it.

Now, if you want to buy a new coffee maker that also has an espresso feature, you know which product you should choose. Moreover, it is also affordable and suitable for any style of kitchen. So, what is the best coffee maker? It is breville bes880bss barista touch espresso machine stainless steel Lowes Price